Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sorry - Lis

Sorry that we haven't posted in so long. I have been doing school stuff for a while. Can't post till about May!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Birthday To... - Sam and Bex

Y'all might not know it, but today is Kitkat, and Ami's birthday! Ami is now twelve years old, and Kitkat told us not to tell you her age. A few days ago, Kitkat saw the Percy Jackson movie, she said it was really good, but it didn't follow the books very well at all. Right now, our two cats, Licorice and her baby, Lisbet, and two of Kitkat's four cats our crowded around us. Kitkat hadn't opened any presents yet, and wants to wait until her siblings and her mom come home. Really, I think she's trying to kill us with the suspense. We'll post after she does open them. You might have noticed that Ami and Misty are very close in age ( Misty's b-day is March 11). Well, they were going to be twins, but Ami was born ten days early, and Misty was ten days late. Bex feels like typing in this font for a while, for no apparent reason. We're sorry that we haven't posted for a long time. Now, for some reason, the font is being weird. We need to go down to the synagogue soon.
We all think, for some reason, that Lis and her collection might retire, so we're trying to get some of her collection and stuff. If she does retire, she'll be Kitkat's third retired doll.
Sorry, we don't have much to talk about. Kit's been super annoying lately. Well, bye, I guess. We might go watch the Pride and Prejudiced movie. The font's being weird again.

Love, Bex and Sam

Sunday, January 31, 2010

OMG I'm sorry-Bex

Oh my gosh, I'm sorry that I haven't posted for, like, ever. It's just on friday at lunch...
Kit walks up to our table and says:
Kit: Rebecca, nice acting earlier, I LOVE how you completely got that line wrong.
Me: Please, Kit, it's been a long day.
Kit: Also, I like how you fell and broke that microphone, you klutz!
Ru: Bex, don't let her get to you. She's just jealous of you because you got the lead part.
Kit: What was that, Ruth?
Sam: Just leave her alone, Kit.
Kit: Be quiet fattie!
Me: Sam's not fat!

Then a teacher had to break it up. I got to go. Ru's really upset.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hello! I'm new here... - Bex

Hello! I am the one and only Rebecca Autumn Rubin! I prefer to be called Bex or Beckie. Sam told me to tell you that as you know we have deleted our cousins from 'Meet the Dolls' because Kitkat and MB68 got in a fight and decided that it was best to separate our doll 'families'. You won't be hearing from Kit, Kirsten, Emily, or MB68's new dolls Sonali and Molly. But I will post more often than the others. I've only been here for two days and I have a lead part in the school's play! It is called "Mystery at Midnight". I got the part of Lyla Wethers, a young detective. The play is about Lyla Wethers and her mother, her mother thinks she should be a doctor not a detective but when her mother goes missing she must find her, doctor or not. I can easily relate. My parents think I should be a teacher not an actress. So far my best friend here is Sam and Ru. Ru is in my class. Well there's not much more to talk about so bye.

Love, Bex.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another post tonight - Sam

This will have to be fast. My New Years resolution is to get myself into trouble less often. We all want to post on here more often so that is all of our resolution. We are going to the beach with our 'cousins' Kit, Kirsten, and Emily. Kitkat and MB68 aren't related but are as close as sisters, so MB68's dolls are considered our cousins. I'm reading Anne of Avonlea and it is very good. Kitkat is writing a story about a boy who meets a girl in his class and she talks, dresses, and acts like she is from the 50's, and she is not really a living human. I won't tell y'all more because she will try to get it published. It's called "One Tiny, Little, Mistake" Misty and Ami just posted. I got to go, so bye!!

Hello!-Misty and Ami

Hello! It's Ami and I! We've decided to let y'all know more of our history and about us.

Ami: You guys know me of course, Ami. I love pranks and get into trouble 24/7 . When I first got to America in the 1890s from Western Russia, I was sent to a foster family in Iowa. They had 26 other children there. Then I was invited to a strict girls school in Canada. I got kicked out because, well, lets say I did things I'm not completely proud of. Finally, I was sent here to central Texas.
Misty: I don't remember the way to America, of course. I remember that I could find any of my sisters. Then a nice Irish lady let me stay with her for a while in New York. Soon after, in November, I was sent here with Felicity. Samantha was already here, of course, but back then I lived with Kitkat's older sister. She was nice, but she hardly ever played with me. In February she gave me to Kitkat and Ami arrived. She refused to be called Tovah by anyone but me and "changed" her name to Amika.

Here we are today. Thank you to our wonderful followers(2 followers!).We will all write about :
-New Years(Going to the beach with MB68!)
- Any possible new sisters (Here we do presents on the 25th)
-And our day in 2010.

Good night everyone!
-Liebe (Love in German)
Misty and Ami.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fast! - Sam

Here is a fast update of our lives:
The new doll will come later because Kitkat's parents need money for gifts(and so do we!)
The OG doll's name is Milada Eva, (Milada won the poll + Kitkat's grandmother's maiden name is Eva.)
Kitkat's brother's hamster was found in her closet, too close to us to be comfortable.
Misty is not feeling very well, and is in the sick room. She has pneunonia, however you spell it. We are very worried about her.
Tomorrow at sundown Hanukkah begins!!!!!

That is all.